Pixel data in, other things out.

The very first pixel data decoder!


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The goal of the Pixel2Things boards is to make controlling things in an animated light show as easy as possible.   These boards are the first product to read WS2811 pixel data in real time, and control something else (other than a pixel).  

The boards come fully assembled, and require no external configuration.  Additionally, these were designed with holes spaced so you can easily mount them in many common CG-1500 enclosures.

These boards truly are the easiest way to control standard AC, DC, and Servo related props.

Looking to add some pizzazz to your holiday display this year? Pixel2Things is the way to go! 

Making Santa wave? Check. 

DMX flood lights? Check. 

How about firing a CO2 cannon? Oh yeah! 

Pixel2Things is just awesome!

Jorden Nash
- Celebrity

Who are we?

David & Tikva Peace

We are the Peace Family; we are flip-flops-in-winter wearing San Diegans; and we like to make Christmas stuff that hasn't been made before.  

Our family was featured on Season 6 of ABC's Great Christmas Light Fight, which aired in December 2018.  (spoiler alert: "featured" means we lost)  Through that experience, we made lots of friends in the DIY Christmas community, and many questions abounded on how we did things like making our mega tree collapse; and, to be frank, it was kind of jenked together, so it was not something we could really endorse.

These boards were designed to be an easy to use interface to control "things" you might want in your show.  The goal was plug-and-play, and zero external configuration, and we are very proud of the end result!  

Our hope is that these boards can allow folks to add more fun, and creative elements to their show, without adding additional complexity.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us!

-David & Tikva Peace